New Study Figures Out Why You Get the Munchies

New Study Figures Out Why You Get the Munchies

Grab a pencil and a piece of college-ruled notebook paper because we are about to drop some knowledge on you. It’s time to discuss a very serious subject to most stoners — munchies. 

Yes, munchies, the reason that Foodie Call and Cheetos exist. While stoners love the munchies, they probably haven’t given them much thought, other than the creativity it takes to put together something tasty from ramen noodles, leftover holiday candy, and a can of tomato paste (chocolate spaghetti, duh). Well, thankfully, researchers at Yale have done the thinking for you, and have come up with a pretty good answer as to why you get ridiculous cravings.

It turns out that you have neurons in your brain that basically say, “Hey bro, time to stop eating.” Well, cannabinoids come in and confuse the fuck out of these neurons so hard that they end up telling your body that you should not only eat, but continue to eat, even if you’re full.

Tamas Horvath, the guy in charge of this project, initially thought his findings were a mistake. To him, it didn’t make sense that these neurons could literally do a 180. He tested his findings on mice and found that when these neurons were stimulated in the particular way by cannabinoids, the mice “ate like hell.” In fact, the mice would eat three or four times their normal amount, depending on how they ingested the cannabinoids. 

Horvath mused on the food, saying “It’s not a very exciting food for them. Imagine if we’d given them some good stuff.” 

See, science is funny.

This study is just part of a bigger project proving the power of pot. A study last year published in Nature Neuroscience showed that activating these same neurons also heightened your sense of smell, making food seem more appetizing to stoners. It’s science news like this that not only proves pot is officially mainstream, but also gives us stoners the hope that one day we will live in a nation that embraces the munchies.