New York Times: Legal Pot Equals Less Boozing

New York Times: Legal Pot Equals Less Boozing

A Humboldt County cannabis grow in 2013 (courtesy of Clean Green)

The New York Times Saturday reports that legal pot equals less boozing and legal marijuana states "will experience a reduction in the social harms resulting from alcohol use: reducing traffic injuries and fatalities is potentially one of the most important."
In 'Few Problems With Cannabis for California', the Times quotes researchers D. Mark Anderson of Montana State University and Daniel I. Rees of the University of Colorado, who will publish a study in the The Journal of Policy Analysis and Management that shows a correlation between increased marijuana use and less alcohol use for people ages 18 to 29.
UCLA professor Mark Kleiman responded, that alcohol is "so much more of a problem than cannabis ever has been" and if Rees' research proves true "then by my scoring system legalizing cannabis is obviously a good idea."