Pot for Pets Pill Debuts as Canna-Pet

Pot for Pets Pill Debuts as Canna-Pet
Two veterinarians and an MIT entrepreneur are selling pet health supplements made from the second most common active ingredient in marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD), they announced Monday.  Dogs or cats would take Canna-Pet - which won't get pets high - to help during treatment of arthritis, diabetes, digestive issues, chronic pain, cancer, and those receiving palliative care. 
Animal studies find CBD has antitumor effects, anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates and regulates appetite, and modulates pain. Canna-Pet is selling the product directly and says it's completely legal, because they get their CBD from industrial hemp, the sale of which is also legal in the U.S.
Canna-Pet is 17 years in development, with five years of clinical trials, and is available over the counter in doses customized to each pet, the Seattle company states.  The company claim vets observe animals on CBD show "Improved vitality and overall health. Reduction in aggression and anxiety. Reduction of arthritic pain and digestive issues (IBD, diarrhea and constipation), reduction in nausea and improved appetite, improved quality of life, outstanding for palliative care."
Animal owners open and sprinkle Canna-Pet caplets into food once or twice a day, at a cost of $1-$2 per day. The Canna-Cat or Canna-Canine Palliative Care Pack runs $60 for 60 doses, or a one-month supply - determined by your animal's weight and other factors. Animal owners across the country are discovering that cannabis can be approriate for treatment of pets, just like humans.