Pot Useful For Pets

Pot Useful For Pets

Evidence has started to surface about what I have long suspected: cannabis use for pets in small doses can be very useful! Cannabis medical treatments for pets are just as reasonable as cannabis medical treatments for humans. If it does the job safely and effectively then go for it, I say.

Two companies are at the forefront of the cannabis/hemp pet supplement movement. Both hail from the Seattle area. Canna-Pet and Canna Companion  offer hemp-based veterinary medicine, mostly in capsule form.

Canna Companion in particular has been exploring the medicinal uses of cannabis for dogs and cats for the past 8 years already. So far the hemp-based supplements have been mostly been shown to be effective in treating chronic pain and anxiety cases. Moreover there is even evidence of medical cannabis being used effectively to treat neurological disorders in dogs.

The hemp-based capsules contain only trace amounts of THC, so the animal is not really "getting high." Instead other parts of the plant are used: seeds, stems, and leaves alike that possess a lot of the helpful non-THC properties, like CBD for example.

I would have no qualms about giving my animals medical cannabis supplements if I thought they needed it. In fact this lap dog/ dog in the purse epidemic has spawned a generation of anxiety ridden, disturbed pets. I know they make doggie Xanax and Valium, and I'd much rather have my pet take something natural (yes, I buy the expensive organic pet food even though I eat like shit) than give them any unnatural pharmaceuticals.


"Brandon readily acknowledges that she does not have any scientific tests to prove the medicinal value of hemp-based supplements. She hopes that by 'pushing the envelope' a bit, researchers will be encouraged to study it."

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