Quit Cigarettes With Weed, Study Suggests

Quit Cigarettes With Weed, Study Suggests

Cigarette smokers can kick their deadly habit with the help of mary jane, new research suggests.

Researchers at the University College London found that the second most common active ingredient in pot, cannabidiol, significantly reduces the number of coffin nails quitting smokers will light up. CBD reduced cigarette use by 40 percent on average, the study found, because it basically makes your brain erase feelings of awesomeness associated with puffing on a butt.

Researcher Celia Morgan told Leaf Science that CBD appears to blunt the cravings for cigarettes, reduce anxiety about quitting, and CBD "may affect a memory process called ‘reconsolidation,’ which is where when a memory of the reward of smoking is re-activated by seeing someone smoking, it is rendered vulnerable to destruction".

Researchers used CBD inhalers for the study, but since the U.S. has banned CBD as part of its War on Pot, armchair doctors could treat themselves with high-CBD strains available in medical marijuana states.