Recalls Provide Safer Environment for Buyers

Recalls Provide Safer Environment for Buyers

It is a point of contention for a lot of weed smokers: should we legalize marijuana in favor of a safer, more accessible market or keep operating in the black due to fears of Big Marijuana? I think most people would agree that being able to legally procure marijuana and its products is a far more favorable condition, even if we have trouble getting the wording right in the first go around. Still, we are yet to determine the effect legalizing recreational marijuana will have on the culture and process by which medical patients operate. 

Sometimes, your help is not welcomed with open arms after being associated with the cannabis industry. That is just the price we pay in a budding *cough* industry. The merits of reform and regulation can be seen constantly. California, after almost two decades of doing pretty much whatever the fuck we want in the name of medical marijuana cultivation, has finally imposed some legislation in an effort to wrangle the sometimes shady conditions that exist. Elsewhere, product is getting a lot safer.

Thanks to the widespread legality of marijuana in Colorado, there exists the funding and facilities to test and regulate the products themselves, ensuring safe access to goods. That idea is a bit analogous to walking into a supermarket with the ability to procure meat or canned goods with the labeled contents, free from artificial substitutes or additives. 

So, when you hear that Colorado has issued its ninth recall on marijuana products in almost as many weeks, it is for your safety and in service of holding manufacturers to a higher standard. In this case, recreational customers and medical patients will not have to ingest prohibited pesticides along with their lemon THC-laced lozenges. 

This recall is the second for Gaia Garden in a month, but they fail to see it as a slight to business. 

“To some degree it’s growing pains and not the black eye people might think,” Gaia’s managing partner Eric White said. “This is a sign of a positively building industry.”