Sandra Bland Had Marijuana in Her System, So What?

Sandra Bland Had Marijuana in Her System, So What?

By now many of you have read or heard the story of Sandra Bland, the woman whose simple traffic stop culminated in her death days later in police custody of an apparent suicide.

There are many things wrong with the Sandra Bland story, the story of a woman who shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place. But what officials involved in the case really want you to remember is that Sandra Bland had marijuana in her system.

No one is really sure why that is important. It wasn’t the reason she was pulled over and arrested. It wouldn’t account for her suicide. The only purpose in talking about it would be to create a distraction from the main part of the story.

It seems officials believe Sandra might have consumed marijuana while in jail — the jail she shouldn’t have been in to begin with. That doesn’t look good for prison officials, nor does that fact that she supposedly hung herself with a trash bag that was inexplicably inside a trash can inside her cell.

And of course the fact that she had marijuana in her system does not necessarily mean she consumed cannabis in jail. But whether she did or not is really of no consequence in the end. Why was she in jail and what happened while she was in there?

Officials still love to play the “marijuana card” even though it’s not the boogeyman it once was. People know marijuana doesn’t make you aggressive or suicidal. They know it had nothing to do with what happened to Sandra Bland. They know it’s a smokescreen to distract them from the real story, a story of corruption, ineptitude, or worse.

We may never know for sure what happened. What we do know is that marijuana didn’t cause whatever did happen.

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