Scare Tactics Trump Facts in Indiana Thanks to "Weed Goggles"

Scare Tactics Trump Facts in Indiana Thanks to "Weed Goggles"

In an attempt to pander to parents instead of using community funding towards real education, students in Hancock County — a conservative community east of Indianapolis — will be subjected to using ridiculous "weed goggles" at an event this weekend.

Innocorp, Ltd. (Creating New Perspectives to Promote Healthy Choices) is the company behind a series of Fatal Vision products. Their Marijuana Simulation Experience provides "the necessary resources to help you build a program to educate about the potential dangers resulting from recreational marijuana use."

No, it doesn't. 

In order to simulate "short term memory loss, impaired executive function , altered visual perception" and "comprised motor coordination," the goggles filter the color red from your vision — which, as we all know, is* commonly associated with marijuana use. After donning the goggles, the subject is set to various tasks like navigating a red map, catching a red ball, etc. Other members in the group are then meant to observe how deleterious the goggles, and thereby marijuana use, can be to one's primary functions. (WOOOAHHH Chad is so wasted! I'm never smoking weed thanks to this incredibly realistic simulation.)

Sadly, this sham is not apparent to everyone. The Hancock County Youth Council and Neighborhoods Against Substance Abuse (NASA) are concerned about underage alcohol and drug abuse. No one would blame them. Though, these groups need to educate themselves before attempting to inform others.

These groups claim that this “weed goggle” experience is interactive while providing education — "that's great," said Tim Rutherford of NASA. However, that is not the case. The goggles certainly simulate the loss of cognitive functions through visual obstruction, but it is by no means a parallel for marijuana use. Hell, there is both unending anecdotal evidence and countless studies that have determined otherwise. 

My bet? For the high schoolers seen in this video, the entire stunt is lost on them. Primary school children will get a bigger impact, but it would be hard to tell what message they receive. The goggles are sure to pique interest in marijuana use and leave more questions unanswered than before. The best solution is simple: continue to educate yourself and others with information based on facts instead of feeding off conservative propaganda.