Veterans Gain Justice from VA

Let's Talk About Veterans

Today is Veterans Day. It is one of those national holidays you only really become aware of when you notice a lot of children running around with a random day off school, are trying to hit the post office to mail something (like, twenty years ago), or are forced to put some banking endeavors off until the following day. Schools, post offices, and national banks all take Veterans Day — originally Armistice Day and for the recognition "with solemn pride in the heroism of those" who served to end World War I — off in order to appreciate the many efforts of the United States Armed Forces.

Before going any further, I have to mention that National Parks have free admission due to the holiday; get out there!

Folks have used Veterans Day as an opportunity to protest all kinds of things, from the inclusion of black people as human beings to Muslims participating in a parade. Let us say that those examples are gross misappropriations of human beings consuming air. Though, one might even use the holiday as an excuse to ponder the value of deploying more troops overseas. That is a more valid talking point, but we should focus on the veterans. It is their day, right?

Many of our veterans are treated terribly after their deployment ends — much like how that jack-o-lantern from the house down the street has slowly been left to rot after its useful life ended. Vets come back often with no viable income source or access to medical care they need. One in five return with PTSD while only 50% of those seek treatment — probably because the only way we improve Veterans Affairs is after it has become a complete joke

Even when a veteran has physical access to a VA hospital, they have not historically been allowed access to the medication they need. Marijuana has been proven effective in the treatment of PTSD, but VA doctors have not been allowed to prescribe it, opting instead for a dozen or more anti-depressants and opiate pain-killers — that is, until yesterday, when a bill passed the Senate allowing funding for vet access to MMJ

Holy shit. Things really are starting to change. Medical marijuana is gaining support through the Senate and veterans are being treated like humans. What a time!