Weed-Smoking Couples Have Lowest Rate of Domestic Violence

More Smoking, Less Fighting

The first study measuring the correlation of substance use and intimate couples’ domestic violence without grouping marijuana in with alcohol and other drugs has discovered something not that surprising: couples that smoke weed together have the lowest rate of domestic violence out of everyone.

The study was conducted by the University of Buffalo, where researchers studied data collected from 634 couples for the past 9 years about intimate partner violence and substance use (finally with marijuana separate from alcohol and more dastardly drugs). The findings were indisputable that households where both partners used marijuana had the lowest instances of domestic violence, including sober couples.

In spite of these clear and simple findings, the study’s author still won’t definitively say that marijuana use leads to decreased domestic violence. This is most likely because studies like these are funded by research grants, and this particular one was funded by the National Institute for Drug Abuse, a tried and tested opponent of marijuana reform.

Either way, the numbers don’t lie, and I can’t say we here at The Smoking Bud are surprised. Weed makes people more likely to get along, be calm, and not fly into a rage?! Groundbreaking.