What to Do About Those “Dangerous” Marijuana Edibles?

What to do About Those “Dangerous” Marijuana Edibles?

There has been much made in recent years about the so-called “dangers” of edible marijuana. So much so that Governors in some US states are bringing up the subject publicly. But what exactly is so dangerous about them, and what can be done about the issue?

The danger aspect is quite overblown considering you can’t overdose and die from cannabis. Some may not think this is a big deal, but how many other substances can you say that about? Having said that, marijuana edibles will cause very noticeable effects, especially on someone who has little or no tolerance built up.

Some of these effects can be decidedly unpleasant. Yes, there is such a thing as being too high, and if you’ve ever been too high, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Obviously some people can handle it better than others, but for those who cannot handle it there can be increased anxiety and paranoia, as well as a feeling that there may be a hospital visit in order.

The key thing to remember is to try your best to remain calm if you eat too much of an edible. It may be easier said than done, but always remember you are not going to die and the effects will wear off with no harm done.

Of course all of that can be avoided by being careful of how much of an edible you eat in the first place. Ask questions if the edible is not labeled. If it’s not labeled and not being offered by someone you trust, then you should probably decline. If it is someone you trust, ask their advice. If it’s a brownie or cookie or something else relatively large, try a tiny piece and wait an hour or two to see if anything happens. If it’s something small like a gummy, be careful how many you eat.

In the future all legal edibles will have dosing instructions on them, just like any over-the-counter medication. For now moderation is the key to entering the world of edibles.