When Will the US Government Stop Telling Veterans to F&@# Off?

When Will the US Government Stop Telling Veterans to F&@# Off?

Everyone loves our veterans. We have parades for them, we worship the ground they walk on—as long as they are fighting for us, that is. But once they come back from war, we tend to forget them.

The US Veteran’s Administration is supposed to oversee the care of returning veterans. Much has been made in the news about how poorly the VA does that job. Nowhere was that more apparent than in how the VA handled the issue of medical marijuana.

Things have recently started changing for the better when it comes to the federal government and medical cannabis for veterans, and that is wonderful. But problems still remain in states that don’t have medical marijuana laws and even in some states that do.

Why are laws that keep medical marijuana access from our veterans so hard to change? Why do we pay lip service to the notion that we revere veterans and then tell them that they can’t use the medicine that helps them the best? Why can’t they at least have the CHOICE?

The answer of course lies in the tangled web that built cannabis prohibition, the notion that marijuana is somehow inherently harmful to human beings. We now know through a mountain of evidence that this is not the case, so why has change been so slow? Can it just simply be a matter of the horrific and inefficient way the federal government does things?

Probably so. Politicians and officials have stood tall in the face of tens of thousands of veterans asking them to allow medical cannabis. Men and women missing limbs and on the verge of suicide, living life in daily misery cannot move these people, at least not quickly.

That begs the question: exactly what will it finally take for the federal government and all 50 states to recognize the medical need for marijuana?