Let's Talk About Veterans

Veterans Gain Justice from VA

Today is Veterans Day. It is one of those national holidays you only really become aware of when you notice a lot of children running around with a random day off school, are trying to hit the post office to mail something (like, twenty years ago), or are forced to put some banking endeavors off until the following day.

“Experts” Say Dabbing is more Addictive and Dangerous?

“Experts” Say Dabbing Is More Addictive and Dangerous?

Some questions arise from that headline, the foremost being: who are these “experts?” Are there “dabbing experts?” Maybe, but I seriously doubt they were contacted for this news article out of South Carolina.

Calling wax a “more dangerous” form of cannabis consumption is how the article starts out, before dropping the “experts warn” line twice in a five-paragraph story. No mention of who these “experts” are, or where we can find them.