$10 Million of Weed Found in 'Avocado Pulp' Shipment

$10 Million of Weed Found in 'Avocado Pulp' Shipment

I know it’s a nice gesture to bring guacamole to a party, but DAMN! Police discovered a whopping 2,100 pounds of marijuana last week inside frozen packages of “avocado pulp” at a shipment center in Lyons, Illinois. The pot has an estimated street value of $10 million.

On March 4, the shipping center received the packages that were uncommonly labeled “urgent pick-up status.” When they noticed the “avocado pulp” was emitting a smell that comes a different kind of green, they alerted authorities, who brought a drug-sniffing dog to assure that yes, there was more than a literal shit-ton of pot in the packages.

No arrests have been made, but the DEA and sheriff’s office “continue to investigate.”

IDEA! Maybe the 2,100 pounds of illegal marijuana hidden in avocados came from our country’s biggest importer of marijuana and avocados, Mexico! I’ll send my suspicions along to the DEA, along with the suggestion that they legalize already so our own country can reap the financial benefits of a regulated market for marijuana instead of corrupt, murdering cartels — and it won’t even have taste like dip.