12-Year-Old Shoplifter Caught with Bong and Grinder

12 y.o Shoplifter Caught With Bong and Grinder

Ahh, kids these days… They start so young, don't they? Evidently over in the U.K. they do.

After a series of tips this past Saturday, law enforcement officials in Asda at Newton Abbot stopped a wary-looking youth on suspicion of shoplifting goods worth a whopping 15 pounds. When authorities turned out the contents of the boy's backpack, they were shocked to find a bong and a grinder, which they were quick to point out are commonly used for marijuana smoking. It is unclear if the bong and grinder were purchased legally or stolen along with the other items.

What is clear is that the area of Newton Abbot and its law enforcement are either in denial, have their heads under a rock, or are just plain naïve when it comes to youth experimenting with pot. If you have not come across marijuana by middle school, you will soon enough.