Adrian Peterson Smokes a Little Weed, Heads Back to Jail

Adrian Peterson Smokes A Little Weed, Heads Back To Jail

If Adrian Peterson was under the impression that his life couldn’t get any worse, the star running back just dug his hole deeper. In another bad decision in a recent line of bad decisions, the utterance of four little words will soon have Mr. Peterson on his way back to jail, if he isn't there already. For those who don't know, a quick background: Adrian Peterson was considered one of the top players in the NFL, and was thus paid as such (he is still scheduled to make just under $12 million this season, and that is just strictly NFL money without any endorsements or other deals included). He’s probably one of the best running backs in history, as his stats certainly had him on his way to the pro-football Hall Of Fame. Not to mention he had a squeaky clean image and was a player who was actually a role model as well. 

As of today, Adrian Peterson finds himself out on bail, free on a $15,000 bond for a charge of felony child abuse. However as I alluded to earlier, this will all soon change as Peterson admitted to a drug tester that he had "smoked a little weed" before his most recent drug test. Unfortunately for Peterson, not taking any illegal drugs are common terms of a bond agreement. If convicted on the child abuse charge, Peterson could face up to two years in state prison, though probation is always an option when you’re a first-time offender with deep pockets. Also Peterson will surely be handed down some form of punishment by the NFL for violating league standards. All this now makes for the likes of Josh Gordon and even Ray Rice to be looked upon as the patron saints of the NFL...