Alaska Says Keep Your Marijuana in the Trunk

Alaska Says: Keep Your Marijuana in the Trunk

Alaska assembly members have authored “the trunk rule”, a proposed Anchorage ordinance that would make it law to keep your cannabis in the trunk of your vehicle while traveling.

Basically the new ordinance would update the current alcohol open-container law to include marijuana provisions, and help shape the way the people of Anchorage do things, like transport a batch of marijuana brownies to a friend’s house.

The ordinance says that marijuana or any marijuana-infused products must be kept out of the passenger compartment of a vehicle. In most cases, that means keeping the cannabis in the trunk.

In a hatchback, station wagon, or other vehicle without a trunk, the marijuana must be stored ‘behind the last upright seat.” Transporting cannabis via motorcycle would also be permitted. Even limousines were covered in the proposed ordinance. Passengers riding in a licensed limousine could carry marijuana as long as the windows are tinted and the petition between driver and passengers is closed.

Attorneys say “the trunk rule” is a way around the fact that unlike beer or a bottle of vodka, baggies and other packages of marijuana and edibles do not lend themselves to be easily identified as sealed or open. Prohibiting marijuana in the passenger areas of a vehicle will be simpler for drivers to understand and police to enforce.

“Marijuana and marijuana products come in many different forms,” municipal attorneys Seneca Theno and Christie White wrote in a memo attached to the proposed ordinance. “It is likely that most of the packaging will not lend itself well to open versus closed distinctions.”