Australia Takes First Step Toward Medical Marijuana Legalization

Australia Takes First Step Toward Medical Marijuana Legalization

A couple of weeks ago we told you about plans to legalize medical marijuana growing in Australia for scientific research and clinical trial purposes. At the time we remarked on the ease with which the plan should pass according to those familiar with the situation, and those people have been proven quite right.

Last week Australia’s Parliament approved a plan to legalize medical cannabis growing, providing a supply for researchers and scientists. It may still be a while before qualified patients will have access to cannabis beyond some clinical trials, but this amendment to the country’s Narcotic Drugs Act is a good first step.

"This is an historic day for Australia and the many advocates who have fought long and hard to challenge the stigma around medicinal cannabis products so genuine patients are no longer treated as criminals," Australian Minister for Health Sussan Ley said in a statement.

It’s impossible to tell how long the process of “research” will take in Australia before patients are actually able to walk into a dispensary or pharmacy and buy some cannabis. It’s not like there aren’t tens of thousands of studies on the cannabis plant already available, as well as millions of people who can provide anecdotal evidence of how well cannabis works.

While it’s great that the country of Australia is taking these first steps toward medical marijuana, at some point you have to ask, how many studies are necessary? Don’t get me wrong, the more research, the better; I believe there are still many ailments that can be helped by cannabis that we don’t even know about yet. But if marijuana killed you, we would know by now.

After all, we all know pills can kill you, and those are pretty easy to get.