Bhang Chocolates Raided by Law Enforcement

Bhang Chocolates Raided By Law Enforcement

(Colorado Bud Blog)

Yesterday afternoon, MedWest, a San Diego cannabis concentrate company, was raided by what was considered at the time an unknown law enforcement agency. While you may  not know who MedWest is, you probably know the edibles they supply under the brand Bhang Chocolates.

A few hours after the raid began, Med-West updated their website, stating, “Due to implications involving local law enforcement, MedWest is halting operations until further notice.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will provide an update once available.”

A short time after MedWest issued their notice, FOX 5 San Diego reported that a HazMat team entered the warehouse to conduct a sweep before officers entered the building, which is standard procedure when law enforcement is dealing with BHO extractors. It was then confirmed that the previously unidentified law enforcement agency raiding MedWest was, in fact, SDPD narcotics officers.

Two people at MedWest were arrested in yesterday’s raid. Patrick McDonald and Daniel Gregg were charged with processing and selling THC oil.

MedWest attorney Lance Rogers said, “They’ve been here for years now and have had no complaints from neighbors. It’s a state-compliant commercial cannabis business.” He continued, “City personnel with code enforcement and the city attorney’s office toured this facility in April last year and we’ve had an ongoing dialogue. We thought the case was closed.”

The case Rogers is referring to was a fruitless search of the same facility back in April, after narcotics officers received a tip that illegal activity was going on.

There is no word yet about what prompted this raid, but Stoned Girls will make sure to keep you abreast of any updates on this investigation.