California Court Rules In Favor of Cannabis Concentrates

California Court Rules In Favor of Cannabis Concentrates

I am surprised that a California court can identify what a dab is, let alone rule in favor of cannabis concentrates while admitting to the fact that they possess medicinal value. But, that’s exactly what happened, as a California appellate court has ruled that concentrates are technically the same thing as the flower or buds from the marijuana plant.

This turn of events is actually a complete 180 from a decision handed down from a lower appeals court that said dabs or concentrates were not defended by the states Compassionate Use Act (CUA), and anyone in possession of marijuana concentrates—doctor’s recommendation or not—was in violation of the law.

With this latest court decision, cannabis concentrates are in fact covered and defended under the CUA, same as marijuana flower or bud. Now California MMJ patients can possess small amounts of this highly concentrated THC without an added fear of reprisal from the authorities.

Hopefully we can look back on this as a defining moment in the evolution of cannabis concentrates, and as states continue to discover dabs, they can look to California and see that things really are not all that bad.