Cannabis Day Protest Turns Violent

Cannabis Day Protest Turns Violent

Cannabis Day is pretty much like the annual 4/20 celebrations except it takes place in Canada, and it’s on a different day… Oh, and there is usually violence and or hospitalization involved. Besides that they are completely the same though.

At this years Cannabis Day, which the website describes as “ Vancouver celebrates Canada and cannabis,” things once again got interesting when protestors, who turned up at the Vancouver Art Gallery for the event turned violent and ultimately led to four arrests.

Due to many being hospitalized at last year’s cannabis day from marijuana edibles, police had warned event organizers and protestors that openly selling marijuana and marijuana infused products, or giving marijuana to minors would lead to arrests.

Vancouver Police Cst. Brian Montague stated “It was turning into a real open-air drug market, moving from more of a protest to a festival type atmosphere.” He continued, “We had a number of people that went to the hospital as a result because of marijuana and edible products that were both sold and given away to people at the event and those not attending the event but just passing by.”

The event stated out positive, but things turned ugly after police reportedly saw a man overtly selling marijuana outside of the Art Gallery Wednesday. Police first gave the man a warning, and then arrested him when he did not comply.

“Officers were immediately confronted and swarmed,” Montague said in a release. “Police were required to pepper spray at least one person to complete the arrest.”

Protester Joshua Helsdon thinks differently… He witnessed the melee firsthand and was one of the people pepper sprayed.

“(The police) started ripping, tearing people apart and stepping on them,” he said.