Charlo Greene 5 Minutes Not Up Yet, Trouble with Neighbor Over Pot Smoke Lands Her Back in the News

Charlo Green 5 minutes not up yet, trouble with neighbor over pot smoke lands her back in the news

Charlo Greene, the now famous/infamous depending on how you look at it former Alaska news reporter, recently gained notoriety for quitting on air and dropping the ol’ F-bomb while doing so. Well, Greene's five minutes of fame is lasting a little longer than your usual viral story. A report recently posted on TMZ alleges that Greene toked up so much of the chronic at her apartment that the fumes from the pot made her next door neighbor's young child become sick. Now the neighbor is taking Greene to court.

“When Greene and her boyfriend moved into the apartment above Tyler Gilbrech’s place in June, they smoked so much pot that his 4-year-old daughter became ill from the fumes seeping through the walls, Gilbrech told TMZ. He said something to the building manager—and that’s when things went awry, he said.

Court documents revealed Greene harassed and threatened Gilbrech several times and told him to “watch his back,” TMZ reported. He filed for—and was granted—a temporary restraining order against the KTVA reporter two weeks ago. Since then, Greene has moved out of the building and must stay at least 20 feet away from Gilbrech and his family. A court hearing was scheduled for the end of the month.

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