Couple Busted Selling Weed on Facebook

Couple Busted Selling Weed On Face Book

Friendly reminder, folks: police use social media, too.

The Boston Globe reports today that police arrested two Tewksbury, MA, residents Tuesday after the couple tried to sell what they claimed was medical marijuana via Facebook.

Mark and Holly Harrington, already subjects of arrest warrants for drug distribution and conspiracy, advertised the sale of medical cannabis on Facebook, and then sold it from their home to an undercover detective, reports state.

The Harringtons called their enterprise HTM Gardening LLC and listed on Facebook Mark as the executive officer, president, and co-founder of the company.

The Globe reports: “On the page were photos of marijuana plants they purported to be growing and money they were receiving, police said. The Facebook page said that for people to become ‘patients,’ they simply had to fill out an application and e-mail them a copy of their certification to receive medical marijuana, a photo identification card, and a signed health care release form.”

Police found weed, edibles and prescription pills at the home, and the duo face charges of conspiracy to violate drug laws; unlawful manufacture, cultivation, distribution of marijuana; and possession with intent to distribute marijuana, among other charges.

It’s illegal to buy medical marijuana from random people on the internet in Massachusetts, or anywhere else, really.

Massachusetts law allows qualified patients or their caregivers to grow cannabis, and state-licenseddispensaries are not open.

The Harringtons are just the latest of hundreds of Americans adjudicated for marijuana related they advertised on social media, reports indicate.

“In March 2014, FBI and DEA announced a nationwide operation that culminated in 200 sting operations and the arrest of 350 suspected Instagram dealers. Police seized $7 million in cash, cannabis, plants and cocaine. One defendant posted pictures of himself and his contraband at their secret warehouse location.”

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The Drug Enforcement Administration’s Operation Shattered Dreams in San Diego last week swept up a number of prominent, Instagramming hash-makers.