Denver Police Address Halloween Pot-Candy Worries Via Podcast

Denver Police, Via Podcast Adress Halloween Pot edible Worries

According to a Denver Police Department podcast (police departments now have podcasts? News to me…), calls and emails have already started flooding in from parents concerned that their kids will possibly be slipped cannabis edibles while trick-or-treating on Halloween night. In the latest DPD podcast, the interview segment is with two high-ranking members of the Denver "marijuana unit." Much of the podcast touched on the usual questions, like how much marijuana you can have on your person, growing regulations, and DUI limits. Although still a ways off, much of the time in this podcast was dedicated to Halloween and the elevation in non-emergency calls from parents freaked out at the prospect of someone slipping their kids cannabis-laced treats.

In response, Denver police have told parents to use common sense and to make sure the candy is in its original packaging, as opposed to say a sandwich bag with gummy bears, Rice Krispie treats, caramel corn, basically anything not factory sealed.

"They also advise parents to talk to their children about not eating anything until a grown-up has a chance to inspect it, as well as to take a close look at the packages themselves, since marijuana edibles are required to list THC content -- and some wrappers have been known to resemble better-known brands. Kafer says it's a good idea for parents to be "looking at the packaged candies that your child has and trying to insure, 'Is this Skittles? Is this Sweet Tarts?' If it looks like something different, a name you don't recognize, look at it a little closer and take caution."

Warneke also mentions fears among some that malicious candy givers could "spray" regular candy with THC-infused material, then repackage it to sneak the power of pot into kids' buckets. The experts don't dismiss this possibility, pointing out that cannabis edibles are typically made with oils "that can be in liquid or semi-solid state" and can be "extremely potent." Moreover, marijuana edibles don't always smell so strongly of weed that they can be immediately identified."

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