Does Second-Hand Smoke Really Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Does Second Hand Smoke Really Make You Fail a Drug Test?

So you have a drug test coming up and you don't want to stop hanging out with your friends, but they seem to be smoking more pot than ever now that there's one less head on the blunt. Result: you sitting in a cloud of smoke pondering if this herb-laced air is going to land you in hot water with the powers that be. 

Scientists have been investigating whether or not second-hand smoke from potent marijuana strains could lead to positive drug test results.

The results of the studies this month concluded that you nonsmokers can breathe easy. Results showed extremely low levels of THC that did not hang around in the body for long—untraceable after only a few hours and super low numbers at that (about 50 nanogram per milliliter).

No need to change your social habits on account of you applying to that new Safeway position. Your boys will be more than pleased with your restraint. Discount on munchies for all the homies! Smokers love non-smokers! 

Check out the complete article from Newsweek here and stay educated!