"F*ck It, I Quit" Reporter Under Investigation

Charlo Greene Under Investigation for Illegal Use of Crowdsourced Funds

Charlo Greene—the Alaska reporter who infamously left her job in September by announcing on live television, “Fuck it, I quit!”—is under investigation by the Alaska Public Offices Commission as to whether or not she violated state election rules by using crowdsourced funds to support Ballot 2, which legalized recreational marijuana one month ago.

Greene’s on-air announcement not only included profanity, but also that she was leaving her job to become a full-time advocate for legalization and to head the Alaska Cannabis Club, a marijuana business she founded.

Greene submitted an objection to the APOC’s subpoena for records of what she did with the $8,400 she raised on the crowdfunding website IndieGoGo. She said the fundraising campaign was for her business and therefore should not be subject to reporting requirements. However, her objection was rejected, which means the AOPC has full authority to investigate if the money spent will violate reporting requirements, and Greene must turn over the records or face being in contempt.

“If you publish your personal stance on any issue, then this government agency believes they have the authority to ask for emails, bank account information, all of your records,” Greene said. “That’s scary.”

Whether Greene is telling the truth or broke the law remains to be seen. My gut tells me anyone who would say the ‘fuck’ on public television probably doesn’t heed societal norms very strictly, but who knows? Ron Burgundy turned out to be a pretty upstanding guy.