'F**K It I Quit!' Charlo Greene Gets Raided

F**K It I Quit! Lady Gets Raided

The "F**K it, I quit" lady is back in the news again, however this time it's for all the wrong reasons.

Anchorage police served multiple search warrants last Friday at marijuana activist Charlo Greene's Alaska Cannabis Club after receiving reports of illegal cannabis sales at the collective. Specifically, the warrants were to search the club and Greene's cars for any marijuana and cannabis derivatives, such as concentrates and edibles. Also police searched for any bank records or electronic correspondence. In all, authorities ended up confiscating two cars, a few plants, some paraphernalia, phones, and computers.

Greene, whose legal name is Charlene Egbe, is a former Alaska TV news anchor who made headlines back in September when she resigned on air with the now famous line "F**K it, I Quit!" She also used her final moments on air to announce that she was in fact an owner of a cannabis club, and will now be devoting her time to advocating for marijuana legalization within the state.

"I'm not surprised, but I am disappointed," Greene said of the raid.

She defended her club against any accusations of wrongdoing by saying, "This is basically a medical marijuana dispensary. We don't sell any recreational marijuana, we don't sell any medical marijuana. This is a place for cardholders to come and share their own cannabis."

In November, Alaskan residents passed a referendum allowing for the legalization of marijuana, which went into effect last month. Residents older than 21 can grow and use cannabis, but it is still illegal to sell it until the state legislature sets guidelines for such business practices.

Greene, defiant as ever, said "the club would open the next day, and give free weed to all our members that come through." Greene also added she would be soon hiring an attorney and was "gonna sue the s**t out of the city."

I'm sure this will not be the last time we hear from Ms. Greene.