Jovan Jackson Found Guilty (Again) On All Counts

Jovan Jackson Found Guilty (Again) On All Counts

San Diego resident Jovan Jackson (via Facebook)

A San Diego jury found a popular medical cannabis collective operator guilty of possession of marijuana, possession for sale and sale of marijuana this afternoon, Smell the Truth has learned.  

Navy veteran Jovan Jackson was the directing member of Answerdam, first raided in August 2008 as part a region-wide medical cannabis crackdown that has closed every dispensary in the city and the county of San Diego and sent lawful patients back underground to buy from drug cartels.

A San Diego jury acquitted Jackson on all charges, but he was raided again in 2009, and at his second trial denied a medical cannabis defense. Convicted in the second trial, Jackson's attorneys appealed, leading to a landmark California Supreme Court verdict affirming that lawful medical cannabis collective members needn't grow weed themselves, but can buy it from a collective. 

Even with a medical cannabis defense, the jury found Jackson guilty on all three counts this afternoon at 4 p.m., states Eugen Davidovich for Americans for Safe Access in San Diego. ASA's Terrie Best provided court support to Jackson during the trial. Jackson will appeal, and likely remain free pending appeal. His sentencing is in December.