Lil Wayne Kicked Off Plane for Smoking Weed

Lil Wayne Kicked Off Plane for Smoking Weed

Apparently you can’t fly high, even if you’re Lil Wayne. Minutes after takeoff on Tuesday, the crews of Lil Wayne’s chartered private jet turned around and kicked the rapper off for allegedly sparking a blunt minutes after wheels up.

According to TMZ, Weezy informed the pilot that he and his entourage would, in fact, be hot boxing the cabin. The pilot was less than impressed and told the group that they could absolutely not smoke on the airplane.

Mr. Weezy F. Baby did not take the warning seriously, and 17 minutes later the pilot landed the plane right where it took off. Wayne denies smoking on the plane and claims that they turned around for mechanical problems.

This is not the first time the rapper has had issues on aircraft, as his infamous sizzurp landed him in hot water a few years ago.

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