Local Bar Houses Huge Marijuana Grow

Local Bar Houses Huge Marijuana Grow

Police in Rockford, Illinois, thought they were going to a routine burglary call at a local bar, but things got much more interesting when they discovered a large marijuana grow operation inside.

Early last Thursday, a local Rockford business owner reported a burglary in progress at neighboring bar Fatty McGee's. The local business owner made the call after witnessing several suspicious individuals removing large bags from the building’s basement.

Once officers arrived, they discovered the basement window had been pried open. When police peered inside the window into the basement, they saw a sea of green as far as the eye could see. The bar's entire basement had been converted into a cannabis grow. Another significant grow was also on the main floor of the bar. In all, the bar contained over 1,100 marijuana plants and about 13 pounds of finished marijuana bagged up.

When questioned by police, the bar's neighbors were generally in shock and disbelief about the find, however one nearby business owner says this news is not a surprise, adding he has witnessed some shady behavior around the Fatty McGee's property.

The owner of Fatty McGee's, 46-year-old Greg Kowalski, was quickly tracked down by police and charged with manufacturing and delivery of marijuana in excess of 5000 grams.

The bar, which had been the aptly named Stash O'Neil's for three decades before the name change in 2007, was quickly condemned by the city after the drug bust for "multiple code violations." The bar has been closed since last July for renovations.