Man Accidentally Sends "Got Weed" Text To Probation Officer

Man Accidentally Sends "Got Weed" Text To Probation Officer

Worse than the old pocket/butt dial, sending a text with sensitive information to the wrong recipient can change one's life. A repeat offender/troublemaker is probably mulling over his decision-making process after he is on his way back to jail for accidently texting his probation officer and asking him if he had any marijuana for sale.

Not even attempting any kind of coded message tactics, Alvin Cross Jr.'s amateur approach to scoring a bag has quickly landed him in hot water. Soon after the incriminating text, a drug squad quickly raided the Albany, Georgia, home of Cross where they found a small amount of cocaine. However on a bright note, the police did not find any pot at the home as it appears Mr. Cross's cannabis connections were never able to come through.

This whole episode will cost Cross another year in jail after pleading guilty to the cocaine charges. When all this is said and done, I think Alvin Cross Jr. should consider a change of scenery after his mandatory state sponsored vacation. Colorado or Washington, perhaps?


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