Man Busted (Again) for Using UPS to Ship MJ From Colorado to Chicago

Man Busted Again for Using UPS to Ship MJ From Colorado to Chicago

The green rush that has been sweeping the nation has not been kind to say the least to one Ryan Bailey.

You see, Bailey is back in his prison jumpsuit, behind bars for the second time in five years, for allegedly receiving and opening a large package of marijuana that was shipped from Colorado to Chicago via the United Parcel Service (UPS).

Somewhere along the line, the good people at UPS detected a strong odor emanating from the Chicago-bound package. UPS alerted the Chicago Police Department that an incoming package most likely contained contraband. When Chicago PD obtained a search warrant to search the package, they allegedly found nearly seven pounds of marijuana. The package was sealed again and taken to its destination, which just happened to be a cell phone store in the city. Bailey was arrested soon after, once authorities witnessed him opening the stinky package.

Bailey, 32, started his cannabis career as part of the flock of young people who made the pilgrimage to Colorado in order to make his millions in the medical marijuana industry about five years ago. In his former life, Bailey was a mortgage broker. Once he reached Colorado, he grew marijuana in a large warehouse just outside of Denver. He and his wife also owned and operated a small cannabis dispensary in Denver, which they used to distribute the marijuana from the warehouse grow operation. All things appeared to be on the up and up.

However, soon after his arrival, Bailey was at odds with the powers at be in Colorado for exceeding his 30 plants per month limit. Police raided his warehouse grow operation and ended up seizing more than 670 plants. Bailey was later acquitted in that case.

Continuing his worst year ever, later in 2010 police again raided Bailey. This time it was at his Northwest Chicago home, where they found him holding — that's right — a large package of stinky marijuana sent from — you guessed it — Colorado. This package contained over 40 pounds of marijuana valued at an upwards of $300,000 at the time. UPS also delivered that package.

Ultimately Bailey was sentenced to six years in prison for felony marijuana possession. He was just released on parole last August, and it didn’t take long for him to get arrested for the exact same crime in January of this year.

Prison is where Mr. Bailey will remain for the foreseeable future while he awaits his upcoming court proceedings for his latest marijuana possession charge.

Now, I don't want to endorse or aid a criminal enterprise, but am I the only person thinking maybe try Fed Ex, DHL, or even USPS?