Mobile Marijuana Cart Robbed in Oregon

Mobile Marijuana Cart Robbed in Oregon

Two individuals stand accused of robbing the Smoke Buddy mobile marijuana cart last week in Portland, Oregon.

The brazen robbery took place about 10:20 a.m., just as the owner of the mobile pot cart was getting ready to open for the day. Two burglars, a male and a female, trying to open the rear door surprised the merchant. A physical altercation with the male suspect ensued inside the cart, but soon spilled outside. The male suspect then brandished a knife, proceeded to the owner’s car and stole merchandise from the open trunk. Meanwhile the female suspect jumped on the back of the owner to keep him from stopping her male accomplice. He soon was able to shake her off, but then she too grabbed a weapon and came at him, the police said.

The quick-thinking owner grabbed a stick of his own and fended off the female attacker.

The male suspect, who obviously is not a big fan of chivalry, ran to a SUV and drove away, leaving his female accomplice behind. Police at the scene took her into custody.

Interestingly enough, the pot cart owner could also be in hot water, as according to Oregon Health Authority officials, mobile marijuana operations and delivery services are illegal under Oregon rules.

Robbery detectives are continuing to investigate. Police have yet to identify either the woman who was arrested or the man being sought.