New York Gets Compassionate Without Weed

New York Gets Compassionate Without Weed

(High Times)

New York opens its first medical marijuana dispensary today. That is some pretty awesome news for patients that have been sorely missing compassion in a state that is often in the news for marijuana and generally notorious for drug crime. Though, when you hear "medical marijuana," please do not confuse it for the kind of access that is associated with, say, California's long-standing legislation.

No, no. Under New York's medical marijuana provisions, a patient cannot even smoke that kind bud itself; licensed New Yorkers will be able to buy and sell extracts, tinctures, oils and edibles only. These stipulations go back to New York's Compassionate Care Act, which only allows the use of medical marijuana by those with a "severe debilitating or life-threatening conditions,” and "smoking as a method of consumption" is the only way explicitly prohibited.

While vaporizer, pen or not, and concentrate use are certainly on the rise — it is my preference, anyway — those of us familiar with full access hope patients in New York are able to determine exactly how they get to go about self-administration one day. 

A few other particulars for the patients visiting one of eight dispensaries opening in New York today (twelve more are already authorized and will open later this month): keep your cannabis in its original packaging and do not expect to find consumables with more than 10mg of THC.

Oh yeah, keep it out of public! That is strictly forbidden as well. Just because you have some newfound freedoms does not mean you should begin to abuse them. Buying cannabis products from a source besides those listed HERE is illicit even if you are a registered medical marijuana patient. 

Do not go around flaunting your practice or attempting to blow weed in a cop's face. That will only serve to get you busted and give the reformation cause a bad name.