News Anchor in Oregon Fired for Marijuana Use

News Anchor in Oregon Fired For Marijuana Use

A former news anchor in Eugene, Oregon, has become a cannabis activist after she was fired from her job for her marijuana use.

Cyd Maurer says she was recently headed to a live shot in rush hour traffic when she bumped into another car. In the video below, she describes what happened. A drug test led to her dismissal, not by the people who ran the station, but by a corporate lawyer.

When you watch the video you immediately notice the characteristics that made her a news anchor — educated, well spoken, able to engage an audience and tell a story in a professional manner. You’ll notice the lack of bongs and empty Cheetos bags. Like many who use cannabis, she’s just someone who has decided to relax with some weed as opposed to a glass of wine.

"I wasn't fired because I couldn't do my job. I wasn't fired because of my work ethic, my attitude, or my abilities," Maurer said. "I was fired for enjoying a plant, on my own time, in the privacy of my own home. A plant that the majority of voters in Oregon believe should be legal."

I’m sure many news anchors and reporters around the country do the same thing. People in all professions do. But because of a random circumstance, Cyd Maurer lost her job.

As the saying goes however, everything happens for a reason. Maurer will now focus her efforts on spreading awareness about the cannabis plant and sharing her story, which shows that not all stoners are hippies who are locked to the couch playing video games. They are out there working every day, contributing to society, and all they want when they get home is to be able to relax without fear of losing their job.

One day marijuana will be as commonplace and mainstream as alcohol. We need more people like Cyd Maurer leading the way.

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