NFL Player Caught with Almost 1 Pound of Weed and $190,000 Cash

NFL Player Caught with Almost 1 Pound of Weed and $190,000 Cash

Less than a week after NFL offseason began, players are already getting arrested for pot, setting the tone for another record-high year of weed suspensions in pro football.

Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Letroy Guion took the petty misdemeanors of players like Josh Gordon and Will Hill and upped the ante to the Sam Hurd drug ring level. Guion was pulled over for “failure to maintain a single lane” in Florida Tuesday night, and when he became “extremely uncooperative and hostile,” police searched his car and found 357 grams of weed, $190,000 cash, and a gun.

Guion was in negotiations with the Packers for a long-term contract — negotiations that will probably cease since Guion faces suspension and financial ramifications from the league, not to mention the two felony counts for weed and the gun.

Earlier that day, Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle was caught with weed in a Wichita hotel room after police responded to a domestic violence call. Randle was poised to become the Cowboy’s starting running back, but now faces suspension and an unclear future.

Just a few days into offseason and we’ve already had our first two weed arrests — as bad as this sounds, maybe more arrests and suspensions will finally make the NFL wake up and stop punishing players who choose pot over pills for pain management (or any reason, for that matter).