Oregon Man Stumbles Across Porta-Potty Filled with Weed

Oregon Man Stumbles Across Porta-Potty Filled with Weed

(Rogue River PD)

Next time you’re girding yourself to step into a public Porta-Potty, remember: there could be something really great in there! Last week an Oregon man was walking his dog through the park when he stopped to use the bathroom. When he opened the Porta-Potty door, instead of being greeted by a plethora of assaulting smells and sights, he found it stuffed to the gills with marijuana plants.

“God?” he wondered.

The unidentified man called the police, alerting them to the magical toilet he’d found in Anna Classick Park in Rogue River. The cops seized the haul and destroyed it, but not before posting a sassy Facebook update saying, “Got marijuana? We do!” that has now gone viral.

The real magic here is that the blessed bathroom was empty just an hour or so earlier when it was checked by a city employee. That Porta-Pot fairy sure works fast!

Recreational marijuana has been legal in Oregon since last year; residents may grow up to four plants and possess up to 8 ounces of the drug. However, this batch went straight into the police department wood chipper. I have to say, it’s a shame to see good weed go to waste. Unless, of course, it was shitty…