Philippines Orders One Direction to Pay Bond for Smoking a Joint

Philippines Orders One Direction to Pay Bond for Smoking a Joint

The Philippines is penalizing pop boy band One Direction for hypothetically smoking pot.

Their Bureau of Immigration has required band members Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson to post bonds worth almost $5,000 each before playing two nights of concerts in Manila this weekend, reports the AP.

The group members must forfeit the entire amount if they are caught using or promoting marijuana during their performance. The decision comes due to concerns from a group called Anti-Drugs Advocate, which made the request to the government after watching a leaked video of the two smoking a joint.

“The condition is intended to protect the public interest should the band members commit any violation during their stay in the Philippines,” said bureau spokesperson Elaine Tan on Thursday.

With a War on Drugs that puts America’s to shame, the island nation could even subject the band to a drug test, followed by strict monitoring by Philippine DEA agents.

“We want to see their pure, raw, untainted talent,” without need for them to take drugs, said Anti-Drugs Advocate spokesperson Christine Ching.

Despite all the Filipino Reefer Madness brought down on One Direction, the country’s government has allowed restricted medical marijuana use since 2002.

You can view the leaked video below.


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