Planned Parenthood Gunman's Behavior Blamed on Marijuana

Asshole Behavior Blamed on Marijuana


Unless you have managed to avoid all but the most basic human contact recently, you are probably aware it has been a rough ride for humankind in the last couple weeks. This past Friday morning, as I was waking up in the cutest possible way while one is recovering from a post-turkey hangover — by getting poked in the cheek by two adorable, giggling five year old twins and a holiday-themed cup of Starbucks coffee — a man was shooting up a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs. 

There are many terrible details in this tragedy but I will expound on just a few. Robert Dear opened fire on a Planned Parenthood and its adjoining parking lot at 11:30 am, killing three people and injuring nine. He then terrified what were essentially hostages until surrendering five hours later.

He is a total asshole. These kinds of assholes can go fuck themselves. There lacks much question in regard to Dear's ultimate fate, who wore an appropriately bullet-proof vest at his court appearance Monday; the death sentence is likely. Though, that gives himself plenty of time to have a heart attack while waiting an average of 15 years between sentencing and execution. 

While Dear sits in jail, he also gives cowards plenty of time to utilize this tragedy as part of their own twisted and perverted mission. The New York Times reported that Dear filed personal ads using an alias, and, among the portrayal of severely antisocial behavior, was also looking for people to join while smoking marijuana. 

An organization demonizing marijuana reform (POT IS A TRAP!) then ran with this factoid, essentially naming weed as the killer's motivation while completely bastardizing the results of a recent study.

“CO shooter was a POT smoking oddball! How can the FBI and ATF ignore another ‪#‎marijuana‬ link to this deranged killer? A recent study from Kings College London found that skunk ‪#‎cannabis‬ severely damage the corpus callosum region of the brain causing psychosis and permanent mental illness. ‪#‎StopPot”‬

#Crikey, skunk-cannabis melts your brain and causes mass homicide! I would advise you to follow these degenerates on Facebook and attempt to spread some light in refutation of every piece of anti-legalization propaganda they post.