Police in England Find Marijuana Plant Decorated Like a Christmas Tree

Police in England Find Marijuana Plant Decorated Like a Christmas Tree

You see the funny memes on social media networks around this time of year; marijuana plants, decorated like Christmas trees with the ornaments, lights, the whole nine yards. At some point someone had to actually decorate their tree like that in order to take the picture – I guess it could be photoshopped, but why go through the effort of that when you could create the real thing in your own living room?

Someone in England did just that, it seems. A couple in a house in the town of Cheltenham were raided last week by Gloucestershire police and they were found to be in possession of a cannabis plant decorated like a Christmas tree. Gloucestershire police even saw fit to tweet out a picture of the tree with the caption “Not your traditional Xmas Tree!  Two arrested in Cheltenham on suspicion of cannabis cultivation.”

A perusal of the replies to the tweet show that many felt the police were wasting their time when there are many real crimes to solve, a sentiment felt by people in most countries I’m sure.

The couple posted bail and have a hearing in February.

One has to wonder if this will become a more common thing as legalization laws spread around the U.S and around the world. I have to think that many people would like to do this but have been prevented by law and culture.

In any case, having a marijuana Christmas tree hardly seems like it’s infringing on the rights of anyone else. In fact, to some it may just seem like a waste of time and come with the possibility of damaging a perfectly good cannabis plant.