Police Tweet 'Stoner To-Do List', Accidentally Prove Weed Is Harmless

Police Tweet 'Stoner To-Do List', Accidentally Prove Weed-Smoking Is Harmless

Watch out, world! Weed smokers are organizing — and it looks DANGEROUS! (But only if you’re French fries covered in gravy.)

Police in Murdoch, Australia, tweeted an image of a ‘stoner to-do list’ they found while searching a home during a burglary investigation. The caption the police department chose: “Are ur Saturdays hectic like this?”

While police wouldn’t say if any arrests were made or relevant evidence found, I think this list makes it clear they are dealing with a scheming criminal mastermind.

Items on the agenda included “Get up get ready,”, “Go get lunch (chips & gravy),” “Go home & get a stick,” and last but not least, “Chop up & get stoned.”

Apparently “a stick” in Australian slang is weed wrapped in aluminum foil. THE HORROR!

While Murdoch Police were obviously amused with the simplicity of the stoner’s day, their move backfired on Twitter, sparking scores of responses pointing out the harmlessness of cannabis users.

@Lord_Willcox: “@MurdochPol how disgusting, this sick criminal deserves no less than life for the heinous crime of smoking a plant.”

@DJDillon8: “@MurdochPol obvious sign why you should #legalize what a peaceful to do list!! Glad he’s not getting drunk.”

@iamtexture: “@MurdochPol At least you don’t have to worry about that criminal mastermind anymore."