Tortured For Weed Money: SoCal Dispensary Owner's Penis Severed

Tortured For Weed Money: Socal Dispensary Owner's Penis Severed
Police have charged four in the abduction, torture and penis-severing of a Southern California medical marijuana dispensary operator, Reuters reports.
Easily the most heinous drug policy-related crime we've heard about in a while: the unidentified victim ran a successful dispensary in Southern California and took one of his soon-to-be kidnappers on an expensive Las Vegas trip. Police allege Kyle Shirakawa Handley, 34, then plotted the kidnapping with three others, Ryan Anthony Kevorkian, 34, Naomi Josette Kevorkian, 33 arrested in Fresno, and Hossein Nayeri, 34, who was taken into custody in the Czech Republic.
Thinking the dispensary operator was burying money in the desert, "the plot came to a head on October 2, 2012, when the three male suspects allegedly slipped into the victim's home, kidnapped him and the girlfriend of a roommate who happened to be there, then drove them both to the desert. They also are accused of stealing cash from the victim's home. According to police, the three suspects repeatedly tortured the dispensary owner during his ordeal by burning him with a blowtorch, before finally cutting off his penis. They then poured bleach over the victim in an effort to destroy any DNA evidence before dumping both captives on the side of a road and fled."
All this mayhem is prohibition-related. The federal government has been pressuring banks to close dispensary bank accounts, forcing operators to deal in large amounts of cash. No one's taking liquor store owners out into the desert looking for buried money and chopping off their penises. Lawful dispensaries should have banking services immediately.