Traveling Back in Time... To Kansas

Traveling Back in Time... To Kansas

Image by Shane Keyser at the Kansas City Star.

“Truth is treason in an empire of lies.” – Ron Paul

In a lot of ways, traveling from Colorado to Kansas is like traveling back in time. In Colorado we find the pioneers of the recreational marijuana industry. In Kansas we find the Westboro Baptist Church. In Colorado we find the progressive spirit of those who look forward. In Kansas we find a notch on the Bible Belt.

No story encapsulates this tale of two states better than that of Shona Banda. Banda is well known in the cannabis community for her unflinching efforts to spread awareness about the healing power of the cannabis plant, a healing power she experienced firsthand.

The story of Banda being able to manage and heal her Crohn's Disease with cannabis should have a happy ending... And it would, if she lived in Colorado. Unfortunately Banda lives with her 11-year-old son in Kansas — another place and seemingly another time.

While being fed some inaccurate propaganda at school about cannabis, Banda's son — who likely knows more about the plant than any adult in the entire school — felt the need to correct some of the information his teacher was giving him. He pointed out, correctly, that cannabis had saved his mother’s life. This simple act of truth telling set off a chain of events that led to state authorities removing the child from Banda's custody and has put her at the center of a national debate that has gone viral.

The cannabis community has come to Banda's defense, gathering signatures on a petition supporting her and raising money for the legal bills that are moving like an avalanche in her direction.

Would this have happened in Colorado? Possibly, but it is extremely unlikely. The two states are right next to each other geographically, but couldn’t be farther apart when it comes to their collective stances on truth and freedom.