UK Police Post Pics of Dealers' Failed Attempt to Dispose of Pot

UK Police Post Pics of Dealers Failed Attempt to Dispose of Pot

Three alleged UK drug dealers made a hilarious mess of things, trying and failing miserably to flush their marijuana stash down the toilet when the police came to the door.

Last week, three men were arrested on drug charges after police were met with an unpleasant scene at a London address in which a toilet was found overflowing with what appeared to be marijuana.

The whole mess started when police arrived at the residence and the occupants refused to open the door. During this process they noticed a pungent marijuana odor coming through the mail slot. This was all police needed to force entry into the residence and find the men in the midst of flushing their rather large stash.

Seemingly caught red handed, the men, aged 29 and 30, were arrested on suspicion of possession with an intent to supply a Class B drug, police said.

Pictures taken at the scene and posted online by Newham Police show the state of the flooded toilet, overflowing with what appears to be large amounts of cannabis after the occupants had tried and epically failed to flush it away.

Newham Police Detective Inspector Gordon Henderson said, “The officers involved acted diligently and promptly and I am pleased their actions resulted in three arrests and the seizure of a large quantity of drugs.”

A set of electronic scales was also allegedly discovered at the property. The trio was later bailed pending further inquiries.