Weed Is Legal in Alaska! Bears Rejoice at More Snack Prospects

Weed Is Officially Legal in Alaska! Bears Rejoice at More Snack Prospects

Scoot those moose carcasses down the heat locker, Alaska! You’ve got grass to grow.

Yesterday the 50th state became the third to officially legalize marijuana. Alaskans can now legally possess up to an ounce of marijuana and grow up to six marijuana plants in their homes.

When 53% of Alaskan voters passed Ballot Measure 2 in November, they ended the prohibition of marijuana. Remember, this is a state mostly associated with hunting, flannel, and raw survivalism — and they legalized weed before us dirty hippies here in California. You have to respect that.

Shops selling recreational pot probably won’t open until 2016 when the state has established all regulations, and public consumption is still illegal and punishable by a $100 fine. But Alaskans can breathe easier today — unless they inhale too quickly, of course.

While Oregon and Washington, D.C., also legalized recreational weed in November, D.C.’s law won’t go into effect until later this week when the measure’s congressional review period expires, and Oregon’s won’t go into effect until later this year.

Legalization powerhouse The Marijuana Policy Project was one of the backers of the Alaskan measure and plans to couple the official launch of legalization with a ‘responsible use’ campaign, financing ads that read, “With great marijuana laws comes great responsibility.”

Did they just 'Uncle Ben' our asses?! I knew I liked these guys.

“Most adults use marijuana for the same reasons most adults use alcohol,” said Mason Tvert, communications director for the Project. “We want them to keep in mind that it carries the same responsibilities.”

If they choose to live in the last frontier, I’m sure Alaskans can handle a little regulated pot. Then again, I saw Into The Wild — let’s hope no Thoreau-obsessed city-boys head north thinking they’ll discover freedom in nature with the help of a little legal weed… Who am I kidding? If anything, they’d bring shrooms.