Weedmaps Sues Competing App for Theft of Information

Weedmaps Sues Competing App for Theft of Information


TMZ reports that the internet locator for dispensaries, Weedmaps, claims that competing app Where’s Weed gained access to their client database which enabled Where’s Weed a glimpse into Weedmaps’ business model.

With this alleged information, Weedmaps projects a $5,000 loss over a course of twelve months due to Where’s Weed with not just the fished information, but also the logo similarities, which infringe on Weedmap’s intellectual property.

The internet has been an undeniable enhancement to every business venture in the world, not just cannabis, yet the maturity level of security and property claims still has many strides to take. The internet today is still much like the Wild West of yesterday; there are rules in place, but enforcement is hard to execute while law making is slow to keep up, to say the least. All this while there are masked ‘high’jackers scattered all over the web waiting to rob you blind at the nearest bend.

Yet with all these threats to security making headlines, one would make a case for more government control of information and lessening of security techniques such as end-to-end encryption. Yet we believe no matter what happens in the world, everyone should have the right to their privacy. As a stoner, we don’t not look forward to live in a world where our fanciful paranoid delusions are actually true.