What Happens After Legalization? You Go for More Legalization

What Happens After Legalization? You Go for More Legalization

The people behind the passage of Amendment 64 in Colorado are now aiming higher (gratuitous cannabis pun, check) and are seeking legal recreational pot clubs in the city of Denver.

As of right now marijuana consumption in public places is not allowed in Colorado, and is barred in Denver in places like clubs, restaurants and bars.

MPP’s Mason Tvert and attorney Brian Vicente have launched a drive to gather signatures for a ballot measure that would allow places like bars and restaurants to set aside a 21 and older section for marijuana consumption, which indoors would mean edibles and vaporizing. Outside smoking could also come into play if said establishment had a patio not visible to the general public.

Now that Amendment 64 is law, those who supported it are free to focus on ways of improving it. Those supporters need a little over 4,700 signatures by early August to qualify for the November ballot.

One day marijuana will be as mainstream and commonplace as alcohol, maybe even more so. But it won’t happen on its own. Issues will go before voters pertaining to cannabis legalization for many years to come, each one moving this amazing plant a little farther along the line to full acceptance. Different states and cities will move at different paces, seemingly with Denver leading the way.

Elsewhere in Colorado, the towns of Pueblo and Nederland allow limited consumption at private cannabis clubs. I would have to assume that most cannabis users would prefer a club that is specifically set up for that purpose, but there will be plenty of people who would take advantage of the ability to vape at a “regular” bar or club.

Either way, more freedom for cannabis users is a good thing and that is what legalization supporters should be pushing for.

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