The Big Lebowski Named Best Stoner Movie By Rolling Stone

The Big Lebowski Named Best Stoner Movie By Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is on a "Best-Ever" kick this year, tidily organizing beloved works of musical and cinematic art by listing them in descending order of superiority for our arguing pleasure.

In addition to the perfunctory best albums, songs, and movies of all time, RS constructed what they believe to be the 10 Best Stoner Movies of All Time, in which they list The Big Lebowski as the best movie to get high to ever made. StT can hardly argue with that assessment, as Lebowski features memorable acting performances from Steve Buscemi, John Goodman, and Jeff Bridges as the immortal Dude. That's even before mentioning that it was one of the best movies ever created by the prolific Coen Brothers, making The Big Lebowski accessible to both stoners as well cinema majors who insist on calling it a "film."

What we don't understand, however, is the inclusion of the wretched and reviled Soul Plane listed at 9. The only person to even watch that movie was the writer who put together this list. It's a travesty to include this forgettable Snoop Dogg vehicle when critical titles such as Half Baked or even the stoner masterpiece Easy Rider is nowhere to be found. C'mon, RS, they even smoked actual weed in Easy Rider.

Aside from that poorly-chosen submission, the remaining films on the list fit quite nicely, with perfect contributions to the stoner film canon such as Dazed and Confused, Pineapple Express, and Cheech & Chong's Next Movie.

If you believe your favorite stoner movie was snubbed, please comment below.