Almost 1 in 5 High School Students Who Use E-Cigs Also Vape Marijuana

Almost One in Five High School Students Who Use E-Cigs Also Vape Marijuana

A new study of almost 4,000 Connecticut high school students showed that roughly 27.9% of them use e-cigs. Of the e-cig users, about 19% of those say they have used their e-cig apparatus for some sort of cannabis consumption.

The advantages of vaping are that no one knows what you are vaporizing just by looking at you, and they can’t even tell by the odor most of the time. It is a favorite of cannabis users in public places, especially places like concerts.

So what do these numbers mean? In the end, not much. Teens are going to experiment. It is much safer for them to experiment with cannabis than just about any other substance. And aren’t we always told how bad smoking is?

Of course no one wants high school kids vaping concentrates. As I’ve said many times before, as relatively safe as cannabis is, most young minds just aren’t capable of being high. The decision to use cannabis is one an adult should make, whether you believe someone becomes an adult at the age of 18 or 21. 

The solution, as it usually does when it comes to kids, lies with the parents. Parents need to be honest with their children. Preaching about the “dangers of marijuana” is just going to come across as deceitful and hollow; teens do, after all, have access to the Internet and the mountains of research on the cannabis plant.

Explain to your kids that you know they have an urge to experiment; after all, you were once their age and you know what it’s like. Tell them the truth about what is out there and what different substances can do to them and their bodies. Hopefully you raised them right and they will make the right decisions.