Another Online Drug Bazaar Goes Down

Another Online Drug Bazaar Goes Down

It amazes me that people still use the internet to sell and purchase illicit drugs, especially the hard stuff. Did everyone already forget about the fates of Silk Road, Black Market, Atlantis, and a myriad other web drug distributors? As I write this I'm thinking, "Obviously not," as I scan TheNug's Facebook page and see at least one comment per post of some dummy trying to sell their goods A.K.A. marijuana "all the best strains, top shelf for sale, etc..." to other Facebook users.

Not only a Facebook problem anymore, this epidemic has spread to other website comment sections like a virus. These "vendors" give out cell phone numbers and email contacts in these posts, usually with some sort of a menu attached. Maybe these online vendors are smarter than I give them credit for. Possibly they thought ahead and paid cash for TracPhones, or some other pre-paid option. Maybe they are technically savvy and are able to hide their whereabouts. Honestly, I don't know. What I do know is that no matter what your state's current laws are, lax or not, the feds do not take kindly to interstate drug commerce and money laundering. Oh how the feds love their money, cash seizures around the U.S. are up and the burden of proof of ownership is on you...

They call it the "Farmer's Market" because you can order any illicit drug online that your heart desires--LSD, Molly, marijuana, and basically whatever else--and get what you paid for. From table or lab to table, so to speak, according to federal authorities. Evidently the site has little to no screening process, as a Los Angeles-based undercover agent was able to purchase LSD from Farmer's Market on several occasions, which in turn led to a federal case against the operators of the "Farmer's Market" site.


"But an undercover agent based in Los Angeles ordered LSD, which led to a federal case against several of the marketplace's alleged operators, including 45-year-old Marc Peter Willems of the Netherlands. He was brought to LA to face federal charges, and this week he pleaded guilty, U.S. Attorney's spokesman Thom Mrozek confirmed."

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